Have a look to compare cell phones

Have a look to compare cell phones

Have a look to compare cell phones - theflagship.net

There was a time when people only like to have a cell phone no matter what are the best features some company is giving but the most important factor was having a cell phone. To get the smartphone which is really great people do less search. But nowhere is a time when people are not just brand conscious but also they want to have the best features. Either the IOS or the Android system still people want to have the features. In order to buy a smartphone compare cell phones which are best in 2017. Find out below:

LG V30

LG V30 to compare cell phones - theflagship.net

LG provides the best of technology which you can get in an affordable range. V30 is also the best smartphone of the LG and it gives so many amazing features. Along with V30, you will be able to have a view at the 6-inch large screen and to know the great things you want. You will find a UHD OLED screen along with the 4 GB of RAM. Moreover, LG provides you the 64 GB of the internal storage. This is the best smartphone with the 834 Qualcomm processor.

IPhone 7

IPhone 7 to compare cell phones - theflagship.net

If you want to have a smartphone that can give you best features along with a superb brand then iPhone 7 is best. You will love to have the things which you want from iphone7. It has a good battery life and it will allow you to use the IOS 10 operating system. It weighs only 147 g and it also gives you 2 GB of ram and a 12 MP of the rear and 7 MP front camera. So you can enjoy using this smartphone and the price of this smartphone is according to the apple featuring but it is the pretty good choice.

Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2 to compare cell phones - theflagship.net

Google is the provider of Android and when it comes to its own cell phones then here is a wider range of best of Android. Here in Pixel 2, you can experience the Oreo 8 operating system and also you will be able to use the 836 processor. This is one of the most obvious things which you can easily have. This smartphone also poses many other good attributes.


HTC U11 to compare cell phones - theflagship.net

HTC is again on the market to give its customers more than what any other company can offer. With HTC you can experience the 16 MP front and 12 MP of back Camera. It comes with the 4 GB RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. Moreover, android Nougat is being installed in this smartphone. It weighs only 169g so that you will love to have this smartphone. And a great battery life is a value-added feature.

These are some of the great cell phones and you can compare them easily. It depends on your budget and features which you want. Although there are many upcoming cell phones so you can also take them into account. Compare cell phones by considering your budget at first.

Have a look to compare cell phones

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