How to buy a best cell phone online?

All around the globe, there are more than 4 billion cell phone users. Cell phone industry is the most growing and developing industry of the world. Now you can even buy a cell phone online. Sometimes it is a spam and you may not be able to decide whether you should buy it or not. But there are some tips which can be applied to use cell phones for sale. If you want to buy any cell phone either new or old then you must follow the given tips:

Visit official Website

First of all, you need to search the website to know about the issues and the facts. You need to visit the website to know about the real features offered by the company. In that case you can have the real idea about the image and about the performance of the cell phone. It can allow you to think wisely and check the features of this cell phone either suitable for you or not.

Search selling websites

If you find the cell phone from the official website and you want to purchase it then it is wonderful. It is the most suitable option even. But if you don’t find from the official website or you want an old cell phone then you need to search from other websites. These websites will offer the cell phones in old condition. You must visit many of the websites and compare the features and things.

Try to find reason

When you are buying an old cell phone you must try to find the reason behind the sale. You should be known that why a seller is selling its cell phone if it is really in good condition. In that case, he will tell you the root cause of selling either it is not compatible with his needs or something has been broken by him. If you find symmetry between the condition of cell phone and the one who is telling then it is easier for you to decide and buy the cell phone.


Whenever you pay a look at the cell phone then you must check the edges in pictures. All the edges should be checked clearly and also try to check about the screw points. In that case, you can have an idea that either it is opened or somebody has done something with the cell p[hone or not. That can be reliable.


Another important even better to say most crucial option if you are going to buy any cell phone is that you check the reviews. If you will pay a look at the reviews then you can have clear idea that either the cell phone is in good condition or not. What are the things in which this model lacks off? What features are not correctly established in it? All such kind of info can be grabbed from reviews.

These are some best tips which should be followed in every condition. You also need to be satisfied by checking other things and don’t take anything as a compromise. Because buying an old cell phone is not an easy job to do.

Cell Phone-A Chapter from History

3rd April 1973 was the day when first time Cooper the inventor of the cell phone made the first call with his first ever cell phone. It was invented by Cooper who was an engineer in the Motorola Company. When we pay a heed at cell phone history then we find Martin Cooper 40 years back. The first cell phone had 30 minutes of talk time. It was the cell phone which lacks many of the features of the modern era as it was the first invented cell phone. It needs to be charged for about 10 hours to give the talk time of 30 hours. Another strange thing about this cell phone was that it weighed 1.1 Kg.

There are many other things which we can find about cell phone industry. Some of the aspects of history are as below:

  1. Nordic Mobile Telephone launched a telecommunication system for cell phones in Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark, in the year 1981.
  2. Japan which is also a developer of technology they had the great name in cell phone history. Japan was the first ever country who made city –wide cellular mobile phone network in the year 1979. That was astonishing for all the world that how rapidly Japan made it all happened.
  3. Federal Communications Commission in USA approved the first cell phone in 1983. The model which was approved was Motorola DynaTAc which was the proof of hard work of Motorola Engineers.
  4. Now we are familiar with 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. But do you know when the first cellular network came into being? The first generation network came into existence in the mid-eighties and it was 1G.
  5. The second generation which is termed as 2G was introduced in 1993 in Finland. That was the time which is marvelous and should be highline in history because it was the time when first message was sent.
  6. 3G is also an important part of cell phone history. 3G was launched in 2001 and it was the time when companies also started offering video calling. That was a massive achievement of cellular companies.
  7. In the year 2012, there was a revolution in the cellular networks when the UK became the official 4G country. High speed and unstoppable streaming were offering there. People became joyful to have such super-fast connections.

Cell phone industry has grown up rapidly and with the passage of time, we can find many other achievements in the same way. Just like we find the network achievement so is the achievements of cell phones features and options. There is also a chapter when the first cell phone offers only call and then step by step messages, and cameras came to cell phones. After years video features and now we have cell phones which have high performing processors. Android or IOS both are offering marvelous and nicest features which are the need of modern era. Now there are many companies who are offering cell phones with many features and many options to have a cellular network access.